This website contains a summary of the work history, independent projects and personal information of Charles R. Grosvenor Jr.


  • I am a senior front-end (UI/UX) software engineer residing in Massachusetts. My past employer was CVS Health. I create websites in a variety of languages.
  • I have been creating several websites for my own interests since 1995.
  • I've written two books about misheard lyrics and other word play in music which have appeared in national bookstore chains.
  • My wife and I had our first child Neal Grosvenor in July of 2005.
  • My brother and his wife had their first child Jonathan Grosvenor in October of 2005.

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When contacting me on social networks, please be aware that I only accept invitations from people I already know. Usually only professional associations on LinkedIn and both on Facebook.

My Books

Hold Me Closer Tony Danza and other Misheard Lyrics

The first amIright
Misheard Lyrics Book

Hit Me With Your Pet Shark and other Misheard Lyrics

The second amIright
Misheard Lyrics Book