Website Projects

Until recently, I've only developed websites for my own interests. The following sites have either been for friends or are contracts.

Bruce Bickford Logo Bruce Bickford is a website for the legendary animator. This has been an interesting project, since Bruce has never even used the Internet, and the site has been built via phone calls and the mail. Will be viewable to the public in March of 2005.

Personal Websites

I've been developing websites for my personal interests since the summer of 1995. A lot of my early website work looked a lot like the other early websites, and my oldest websites even still have some of the mid-90s web feel to them. The last two websites I've designed on my own (amiright) and (Only On Film) were designed more recently and have a much more graphic feel to them.
inThe80s Logo InThe80s is devoted to the decade of the 80s. The focus of the website is on the pop culture of the decade. logo Worcester,Mass. Dedicated to the second largest city in New England, and the city I was born in (and raised around). My website focuses on the lighter side of things, and has some cool pictures of what it used to look like in old postcards.
inthe70s logo InThe70s is devoted to the decade of the 70s. The focus of the website is on the pop culture of the decade.
inthe90s logo InThe90s is devoted to the decade of the 90s. The focus of the website is on the pop culture of the decade.
amIright logo amIright is about misheard lyrics and song parodies for the most part. I try to use this website as an excuse to poke fun at the music industry (it's product and culture).
OnlyOnFilm logo Only On Film is about famous landmarks that no longer exist, but can still be spotted in movies. It's been discontinued since 2007.
inthe00s logo
InThe00s is a messageboard for all of my current websites.
amIwrong logo
amIwrong is a quiz site about popular culture website. Users are able to submit new quizzes using a DHTML/AJAX web page, and once approved by the system administrator are then available for other visitors to play.

Poster-Books is a small site I developed for my own personal reviews of books about concert posters and other music related picture/photography collections. Just something I whipped up one weekend.

Technical Design

The newest site, amIwrong, is developed with PHP for the backend scripts, XHTML/CSS2 for layout, and DHTML/AJAX for the actual quizzes and new quiz submission form.

Only On Film, is designed from the ground up with PHP and MySql. I examined a lot of various open source content management systems, but they were filled with features I didn't need or want, and they all appeared to be under constant attack from scripts and viruses. So I home brewed something, trying to be aware of security problems ahead of time. I also spent more time in the graphic look and feel of the site, in order to display my design skills instead of coding skills.

My older websites, are implemented in Perl and HTML with Server Side Includes (SSI). I use flat ASCII text databases to store the information for each page, and generate it into static HTML. This solution isn't as bad as it sounds, since material for the websites is generally not modified. This approach doesn't require database server overhead in generating pages, so it keeps the server load lighter. Server load is a concern, because I maintain all the sites on one dedicated server running Linux. The sites are also light on design elements to help conserver bandwidth. The busiest three sites (inthe80s and inthe00s) each generate around 40,000 page views a day. amiright currently generates around 70,000 page views a day.

Other sites are planned in the future . . .